SynXis Adds Pegasus’ Switch to Connect to GDSs and Internet Sites

SynXis Corporation
Pegasus Solutions
have announced that they have signed a five-year agreement for SynXis to use Pegasus’ switch for connecting to the global distribution systems (GDSs) and for online distribution via the Internet. 
Under the agreement, SynXis will use the Pegasus Electronic Distribution Switch to connect its hotels, resorts and conference centers to the major GDSs, enabling travel agents to book rooms seamlessly.  With its use of Pegasus’ switch, SynXis will transfer GDS processing for many of its 20 chain codes to Pegasus. 

Additionally, SynXis continues to connect to Pegasus to distribute room inventory, rates and information via the Internet. 

“We have added GDS processing to our services from Pegasus due to the high volume of online bookings we’ve seen using Pegasus’ electronic distribution,” said Rick Betz, COO and executive vice president of marketing and sales for SynXis Corporation.  “Additionally, we’ve been impressed with the service we’ve received from Pegasus which impacted this decision.  We’re pleased to add GDS processing and look forward to implementation this fall.”


Bob Boles, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Pegasus Solutions, said:  “Our expanded agreement with SynXis reflects the successful approach Pegasus takes to deliver on a solid technology services strategy.  We bring to the table a combination of proven service offerings, flexibility and staff with an in-depth understanding of the evolving hospitality industry.  SynXis’ decision reinforces our customers’ continuing trust in us.”


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