Roadpost Delivers RIA and Mobile Phone Bundle to Business Travellers

Roadpost has launched the complete communications package for the business traveler.  Offering customers new rental and subscription options for Remote Internet Access (RIA) with WiFi, Ethernet and Dial-up access, Roadpost is the first company in North America to
combine all three Internet connections in one plan. 
“Our customers are telling us that location, service
performance and seamless access to information are their top
three priorities when purchasing their international
communications services, followed closely by security and
cost,” said Morris Shawn, President and CEO of
Roadpost.  “Roadpost is continually enhancing our services
and offering customers the cost-saving bundles they’ve come
to expect.”


“With more than 25,000 dialling locations and 2,100
WiFi/Ethernet hotspots, Roadpost offers the consumer the
most choice in Internet connection,” said Shawn.  “Customers
can opt for a wireless connection when they are near a
hotspot with ultra high speeds of up to 11 Megabit per
second, or they can easily switch to dial-up.” 

Roadpost’s new plans, Worldwide Internet Subscription,
Worldwide Internet Rental and Roadpost’s RIA and phone
bundles, together with its North America Unlimited plan
launched in June, offer customers a complete portfolio of
international communications services to keep them connected
any time, any where.
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