Elemis Launches At Luxury Spa Spirit-One-Spa At The Radisson SAS Galway

Elemis, the UK’s market leader in advanced Aromatherapy skincare and professional spa-therapy treatments for face and body, is pleased to announce its launch at the Spirit-One-Spa in Galway, Ireland
Spirit-One-Spa at The Radisson SAS Galway is being positioned as Ireland’s No 1. spa destination having had a 18 million investment on the hotel and the spa.
Although certain facilities are currently available to guests including pool and gymnasium, the whole spa project will be completed by the end of October 2003, offering clients a totally unique spa experience with specialist water, steam, thermal treatments, as well as Elemis face and body therapies for men and women. 
Visitors to the spa can enjoy peace and tranquillity combined with the very best in spa facilities and services at the hands of highly experienced staff who will devise personal treatment plans for all clients.
Wholly dedicated to the philosophy that beauty is enhanced and supported by a balanced lifestyle, the Elemis range of spa-therapies and products reflects every man and woman’s need for serious skincare, bodycare and life enhancing products for the face and body.
A myriad of vibrant, active and exotic treatments, the Elemis treatment menu is designed to indulge, detox and de-stress or help find one’s inner sense of well-being, as desired.
The spa boasts an extensive menu of exclusively Elemis treatments including its revolutionary prescribed Japanese Silk Booster Facial through to its Exotic Frangipani Body Nourish Wrap and Well Being Massage, treating individual needs in the most dynamic of ways.
Spirit-One-Spa at The Radisson SAS Galway will concentrate not only on the body by way of hands-on treatments and specialist European and Middle Eastern thermal facilities, but also on the mind by addressing the five senses:
A Touch is an exceptionally powerful way to soothe and calm. The spa will use unique treatments and movements to deeply relax and calm the mind.
A Smell produces a feeling of well-being. This will be achieved by diffusing very specific aromas and oils into the atmosphere.
A Sound very much affects the sub-conscious. Tranquil, melodic background music will ensure a greater depth of breathing and hence assist clients to ‘slowdown’.
A Sight is one of the first senses to react, so specific colour and light combinations known for their calming and healing effects will be utilised.
A Taste and its effects can be very comforting. Specialist herbal teas can ease tensions in the mind as well as the body
A spa should be an escape route from the rough and tumble of modern-day living and this is what Spirit-One-Spa at The Radisson SAS Galway promises to deliver.
The spa facilities will be unrivalled in Ireland and are already the talking point of clients and industry health and beauty practitioners nationwide.
In addition to the eight treatment rooms already offering an exceedingly high standard of therapy, Spirit-One-Spa at The Radisson SAS Galway will be offering a new thermal suite, which boasts unique and exclusive heat and Aromatherapy steam treatments and four new treatment rooms that promise to deliver unique therapies, set to wow clients.
For further information you may contact The Radisson SAS Galway on: +353 91 538 300 or you may visit Elemis website on http://www.elemis.com.
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