New Ultrasound Facial.

This new multifaceted facial is the latest clarifying anti-ageing facial that uses pain free ultrasound (sound waves) to perfect the skin texture and tone, reduce wrinkles, reduce puffiness and dark circles, boost and firm the skin by renewing aged cells.
In just over an hour, this comprehensive facial delivers the ultimate deep cleansing, purification, oxygenation, and maximum hydration to regain your skins natural radiant complexion.
Ultradermi is the lastest anti-ageing facial to utilise ultrasound and has been developed by leading medical researcher, Jo Joynt.
“The body is made of trillions of electrically charged cells that before the age of 35 continuously regenerate themselves, by splitting cells to make more cells. After the age of 35 this process slows down. The energy in the cells drops, muscles and skin become less plump, and everything heads south.  Ultradermi uses sound waves to vibrate the cells within the skin at 1 million times per second. This stimulates and energizes the cells, loosening stagnant areas to break down the build up of toxins.”
First, The face is cleansed to remove dead cells. It is then steamed for 5 minutes to kill bacteria and energise skin. This opens pores and relaxes muscles.
Then Ultrasound is performed.  It is completely painless and has been clinically proven to clarify the skin by increasing lymphatic drainage to promote removal of toxins. It has also been proven to increase blood circulation bringing nutrients & oxygen to the epidermis to perfect the texture. It plumps out lines by increasing the production of collagen.
Ultrasound evens the skin colour by restricting the production of melanin reducing the production of age spots. It evens the skin tone by bleaching the melanin in the tissue lightening existing age spots & freckles. It also reduces wrinkles by plumping up the tissue with cell regeneration and reduces puffiness & dark circles around the eyes.
The treatment then uses a gentle, yet effective vacuum suction to extract blackheads, excess sebum and impurities either through or under the skin to the nearest draining node where the body will dispose of it naturally. It stimulates lymph vessels improving drainage for healthier cleaner tissue and promotes a fresh oxygen supply to the skin.
A skin cooling system, Ultracool is placed on the skin to close the pores and help tighten and firm the facial area and décolleté. PH balance is restored and elasticity is improved.
The treatment ends with a gentle massage that uses Ultradermi 69 products that are based on Fresh Royal Jelly, Honey, Collagen, Aloe Vera, Seaweed, Silk Fibroins, White Grape, Almond, & Mandarin, vital vitamins and minerals.