New Banyan Tree Spa menu brings the Tropical Garden Spa experience to new hights of luxury.

When the Banyan Tree Spa Phuket, Thailand opened in 1996, it pioneered the tropical garden spa concept where couples can immerse in a completely oriental setting from naturally ventilated garden pavilions to exotic eastern therapies. Since then, the concept has spread quickly throughout Asia, contributing to the phenomenal growth in the spa industry.
Now, Banyan Tree Spa is set to bring the tropical garden spa experience to the next level of luxury with a newly created spa menu developed at the Banyan Tree Spa Academy. The Academy - a first in Phuket - carries out research and development of new treatment recipes, massage techniques and spa products. It also trains a team of over 200 spa therapists, who undergo 430 hours of rigorous theoretical and practical training.
Highlights of the new Banyan Tree Spa menu, which was launched in all Banyan Tree Spas in Phuket, Bangkok, Bintan, Maldives and Seychelles, include:
The Banyan Indulgences:

Created exclusively for Banyan Tree Spa, the Banyan Indulgences features the Royal Banyan and Harmony Banyan.

The Royal Banyan draws on the massage traditions used for centuries in the Royal Thai Palaces. It features an oil-free Royal Thai Acupressure Massage and the signature Banyan Massage performed with warm Banyan Herbal Pouches.
The highlight of the Harmony Banyan is a synchronised Harmony Massage performed by two therapists. Chosen to complement one another in physique and temperament, both therapists work each side of the body in unison, inducing a deep sense of relaxation.
Time-Honoured Traditions:

Time-honoured Traditions is a collection of four spa packages inspired by ancient health and beauty rituals.

The Thai Healer features a traditional Thai Yoga Massage based on ancient Ayurvedic principles brought to Thailand by King Rama III. It also draws on the healing properties of herbs for its Herbal Heat Treatment and Thai Herbal Wrap.
The highlight of the Balinese Boreh is the traditional Boreh Wrap, a warm spice-filled treatment that has been used for centuries by Balinese to ward off chills when the seasons change.
The `queen` of treatments, the Javanese Lulur has been practised in the palaces of central Java since the 17th century and is used today by Javanese brides as a purifying ritual before marriage.
The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi features a deeply invigorating Lomi Lomi Massage which mimics the rhythmic moves of a Hawaiian dance. The session also uses tropical fruits like papaya and guava to heal and pamper the skin.
New A LA Carter Treatments:

Guests can look forward to enticing a la carte treatments like: Rice & Sandalwood Healer - A gentle skin-healing treatment with soothing properties.
Tamarind and Oatmeal Polisher - A natural cleanser traditionally used by Thai women to exfoliate their skin.
Essence of Earth - A relaxing massage which a choice of essential oils handmade in Thailand.
Pumpkin and Orange Moisturiser - A moisturising body wrap to soften and nourish the skin.
White Mud Enhancer - A purifying body wrap using mineral-rich white mud renowned for healing.

More Time for Quiet Relaxation:

Another new feature is the extra time set aside for guests to unwind before and after their treatment. Every spa session now includes 30 minutes of relaxation time so that guests can enjoy a cooling mint footbath, an exhilarating shower and a soothing herbal drink with refreshments.“Based on the experience that Banyan Tree Spa has accumulated over the years from handling some of the most exclusive international clientele, we have created our own signature treatments, recipes and techniques,” said David Seet, Joint Executive Director of Banyan Tree Spa.

A pioneer of the tropical garden spa concept, Banyan Tree Spa takes a holistic approach to physical and spiritual well-being, providing a Sanctuary for the Senses. The architecture of its spa pavilions draws on local inspiration to blend seamlessly with the natural environment. Using aromatic oils, herbs and spices, its exotic treatments are based on Asian traditions that have passed through the hands of many generations.
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