“Four Seasons in One” - A New Signature Treatment Takes You Through Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Wherever in the world they choose to experience it, guests will become as familiar and delighted by the Four Seasons In One treatment as they have come to be with the Four Seasons personalised service.



To experience this new signature treatment is to take an unforgettable journey through the seasons, designed to evoke winter, spring, summer and fall through sensory and body therapies.

Available at all Four Seasons properties with full-service spas, the Four Seasons In One treatment is given in four 20-minute stages, each reflecting a season.


Winter: Peppermint is the essence of winter and a cup of peppermint tea opens the session. A peppermint scrub is applied to the back, hands and feet for exfoliation, cleansing and enhanced circulation, then removed with a chilled towel. Peppermint Shea Butter and Oil is then applied to the entire body—a cooling feature representing the last of winter before transitioning into spring.
Spring: A combination of floral and citrus aromas reflects the regeneration of life when winter’s chill subsides. Verveine Shea Butter and Oil is applied to the hands, arms and legs. A warm herbal sheet is wrapped around the body, and hands are enfolded in moist, heated towels. Finally, a rolled hot towel is placed behind the neck while the therapist massages facial pressure points. The guest is left to relax quietly before unwrapping segues into summer.
Summer: This stage provides a fascinating introduction to diverse massage techniques from around the globe. An application of Coco Vanilla Shea Butter and Oil introduces the scents of summer in a massage medley that includes Thai, Lomi Lomi (a technique from Hawaii) and reflexology, as well as aromatherapy.
Fall: A herbal conditioning scalp treatment incorporates warm water in a luxuriantly soothing massage that cleanses and nourishes the scalp, and increases blood flow—which in turn promotes hair growth and health. The therapist wraps the guest’s head in a warm towel, then the guest moves to the steam room for some quiet moments now that the treatment is complete.

The products used in the Four Seasons In One treatment are by La Natura and Tara and may be purchased if guests wish to recreate the experience at home.