CCA Partners to produce Coral Education Pack

A change in the approach to coral reefs is on the horizon with the re-launch of the å“People and Coralså” education pack for Caribbean primary schools. In response to popular demand created by the original, black and white publication, the Caribbean Conservation Association (CCA) has printed a full-colour version of the publication. Funding for the project was provided by the Australian High Commission, First Caribbean International Bank, the United States National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the Field Studies Council and the Darwin initiative.
The education pack, comprising posters and a workbook, is aimed at students aged 8-10 in Caribbean primary schools. The pack may also be used by educational staff working outside schools, in environmental clubs, communities, etc. It applies many active learning and self-enquiry approaches, including some out-of-classroom activities to boost childrens’ self confidence and commitment to actively partake in actions to help conserve coral reefs.

Dr Joth Singh, Executive Director of the CCA, at a recent hand over of the books to the locally-based sponsors, commented “We are grateful for the assistance of our partners which has resulted in the production of this Education Pack. The world’s coral reefs are an extremely fragile resource and we are grateful that these organizations shared our vision that one of the best ways to preserve our reefs is to go directly to their future proprietors…the youth.”

The pack will be distributed from October 2003 from the CCA Secretariat. The CCA
is seeking to partner with community groups and schools in the application of the Education Pack to monitor and manage activities aimed at promoting sustainable coral reef practices in relevant communities. Both local partners, First Caribbean International Bank and the Australian High Commission have indicated a desire to further support the Coral Reef Education Programme through promoting the Coral Reef Education Pack in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean.