Juice Fasting at New Age Health Spa

New Age Health Spa, the only destination spa in New York State, provides its guests with an extensive menu of unique services to improve health. One such endeavor is the opportunity to fast. Technically, a fast refers to the abstinence of all nourishment. So, a fast in the strictest sense of the word would include only water. New Age Health Spa, however, has developed the concept of juice fasting, because participants receive essential nutrients while still obtaining the benefits associated with a fast.

Fasting has been used throughout history for a variety of reasons including physical healing, religious tradition, tests of willpower and detoxification. During a fast the digestive organs, often burdened by too much food or poor food choices, are given a much-needed rest. Once rested and rejuvenated, the digestive system is better able to utilise the nutrients in food when the body returns to eating. Additionally, having to not expend energy on the task of digestion allows one`s body to shift its emphasis toward healing and purifying.
The eliminative organs of lungs, liver, kidney and skin become stimulated and begin to process and release waste more efficiently. Cellular regeneration is another biological process that gets a jump-start. During a fast of more than three days, the body actually begins to burn up and digest its own damaged or dead cells, encouraging the production of healthy new cell growth.
While independent juice fasting is an option for guests at New Age Health Spa throughout the year, four group fasts are offered yearly, to run in conjunction with the seasons. Each group fast takes place over a Mini-Week, with guests arriving on Sunday and departing on Friday. Light meals are served at the beginning and end of each fast to assist in the transition and the package includes accommodation, meals, use of all facilities, participation in activities and two spa treatments.
“By abstaining from food, says Valerie Myers, nutrition coordinator for New Age Health Spa, one is encouraging the body`s own innate healing response. And our Juice Fast Mini-Weeks provide the opportunity for guests to fast among likeminded people and a supportive and knowledgeable staff.”
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