Nirvana Spa Introduces New Hydro Services

The new Hydrotherapy service at Nirvana Spa in England has proved to be something of a pioneering project. For the first time in the UK, post-operative weakness, acute or chronic pain and sporting injuries can be treated in one location using a combination of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and floatation.

The new Hydro service at Nirvana Spa in Berkshire is headed up by Jo Twomey M.C.S.P., S.R.P., H.T., a chartered, state-registered physiotherapist specialising in hydrotherapy, who will provide individual assessments and tailored aquatic programmes to meet the specific needs of spa-goers.

The company states; “Hydrotherapy is a process of treating illness and injury in water and its benefits have been recognised from as far back as Ancient Greek times. Now, the very latest in techniques and research into this age-old therapy are being pioneered at Nirvana Spa. The aquatic environment provides many physical benefits, such as weight relief, support and ease of movement. These, together with the warmth of the water, help with the rehabilitation of various problems and aid recovery”.

Nirvana Spa is unique in the UK and renowned for its spring-fed pools with pure natural water from Nirvana’s own water supply, combined with advanced purification systems to provide clean, virtually chemical-free water to bathe in.