Presents with Presence

Christmas - a time for goodwill and giving, for indulging and caring, for pampering and treating å- which is why spa gifts are so phenomenally successful this season.

Decleor, the Aroma-Skincare Specialist, has created five complete gift sets. Each set is beautifully presented in embossed gift boxes - gold for women and silver for men - covered in a snow white, star-strewn sleeve and making them the perfect present.

The latest fromDecleor, invigorating and refreshing for body and mind, is the Arome Spa Tonic collection, an optimistic and sparkling new range that combines the benefits of Aroma-Skincare and Aromachology.
The Christmas gift set costs £49.00 and includes:
? Arome Spa Tonic Eau De Soin - a concentrate of over 20% natural essential oils
? Arome Spa Tonic Brume Lactee - a heavenly, soothing mist
? Arome Spa Tonic Gel Douche Exfoliant - for silky smooth skin

Aromatherapy, Decleor, the specialist in Aroma-Skincare, has created a unique, natural approach to caring for skin. Based on a Duo-Concept, combining the effectiveness of Aromatherapy with the protection of Phytotherapy, the Decleor range, including face, body, men and sun, can treat all skin types; normal, dry, mature, oily and combination, sensitive and reactive.
The spa beauty formulations are 100 percent pure, 100 percent natural, and 100 percent preservative-free, Decleor products provide a feeling of well-being through the stimulation of the senses.