LivingWell Recognises PR With Award

LivingWell, one of the UK’s largest health club operator’s, recognised this week the achievements of its media relations department after LivingWell`s network of Premier Health clubs were asked for nominations of individuals who offered outstanding service to the business.

Elaine Hayes, who runs the department since setting it up two years ago, was recognised for her achievements and ground-breaking work with an award for internal customer service. Elaine attended an awards ceremony after being awarded the title of “Internal Customer Services - Individual Award 2001” voted for by LivingWell`s Premier club managers.

In addition, her department, which runs internal and external communications for LivingWell’s 91 national and international health clubs, was voted one of the top three departments out of 18 central support functions in a company wide survey.

Elaine said: “It was a huge challenge setting up a new communications function in a highly sales focused environment, which had very little previous understanding of its communications needs.



“One of the key aims of the LivingWell media relations function is to provide support to the people that drive our business forward from the front line. Media relations can often struggle with quantifying tangible, above-the-line, benefits to a business. The recognition which the department has received has reinforced the fact that media relations is a valued and appreciated tool. For us, 2002 will be a year of challenges as we continue to build on our prime position in the market”.