VacationCoach introduces Me-Print Technology to Help Online Travel Sites Move Beyond Airline Tickets

As online travel sites move toward more complex travel products, they can turn to VacationCoach’s unique technology to increase look-to-book and loyalty.
Introducing: Me-Print. Fueled by the knowledge of seasoned experts, this personal advice technology now arms travel sites with the help their users need to overcome the difficulties and frustrations in planning getaways and vacations.
“Travel providers are now focusing on complex products such as hotels, cruises, vacation packages, and tours”, shares VacationCoach founder/Head Coach Rob Roberts. “Me-Print eliminates the complexity by delivering professional travel expertise in a personal, reliable way - real-time, every time. With the integrated expertise behind our advice tools, we deliver quality, on-target recommendations that no single expert, no matter how experienced, can match.”
VacationCoach expert knowledgebase is provided by nationally renowned travel gurus and continues to grow. Six of the country’s best have just been added to VacationCoach’s impressive stable of experts including Dan Gifford (national parks), Naomi Bloom (cycling), Johnny Molloy (hiking), Jerry and Sharon Hammon (scenic drives), John Bigley and Paris Permenter (romantic travel). Among the over 30 experts contributing are Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan, LPGA professional Jane Blalock, wine publisher Richard Elia and B&B Inns specialist Bernice Chesler. All told, the experts fueling VacationCoach’s Me Print technology deliver a combined 600 years experience in the travel field.
VacationCoach’s Me-Print weaves multiple experts’ insights together to create advice tools, which custom-fit leisure and booking resources to the individual lifestyle of each traveler. Me-Print is built on the notion that every person’s tastes are unique, like a fingerprint. In contrast to primitive check-box profiling, which treats every leisure interest as having the same value, Me-Print captures not only the likes and dislikes of every person, but also the relative degree of each person’s leisure preferences. Me-Print profiling has the power to hold billions of unique profiles, truly representing every person on the planet.
“Our expert personalization technology is attractive to travel and leisure providers,” comments Partner Coach Bob Slater. “Me-Print helps site visitors understand what their options are and make confident, quick and hassle-free decisions. It translates disparate travel expertise into relevant and personal guidelines. So many sites promise expert advice on travel - with our technology they deliver on that promise.”