SCS and Patheo Developing Consolidator Solution

SCS Solars Computing Systems Inc.(“SolarNet”), has entered into an important strategic partnership with Patheo, developer of the Faremate 2000 software for the air consolidator industry.
SCS and Patheo are working together to provide a complete end-to-end electronic solution for air consolidators. Patheo has 27 air consolidators that are presently using their Faremate 2000 software, five of whom are clients of SCS. Under this agreement, Patheo and SCS will bring the opportunity to the remaining 22 air consolidators for full GDS/CRS distribution, including Sabre/Abacus, Galileo/Apollo, Amadeus and Worldspan.
If all 22 of Patheo`s consolidators agree to this increased distribution of their product the effect will be to double the SCS client base. The company feels the power of this agreement lies in the combined technology of both SCS and Patheo. SCS provides seamless distribution for air consolidators fares, with a searchable database, over all four GDS networks. Patheo, through its Faremate 2000 product, also offers a searchable fare database and Internet booking engine for consolidator fares. Both companies, using their respective technologies, are working together to develop a sophisticated solution for air consolidators that handles air fare searches, checks seat availability, does rule validation and then lets the travel agent book the transaction. This whole process will be done completely electronically over the Internet or over one of the four GDS` networks.
This new booking system will decrement inventory and confirm the transaction, both to the vendor and to the travel agent, completely eliminating the need for faxes and telephone calls. This unique solution will be a first for the travel industry for consolidators of air, hotels, cars or any other consolidation product.
Also part of this partnership agreement is a joint marketing effort on SCS` TourTek tour operator management system. Patheo will receive a commission from SCS on any completed TourTek sales to their client base and on any leads that result in a TourTek installation.