over 5000 people register their comments in campaign to stop Barclays Bank ripping off easyJet passe

Since easyJet launched its Internet campaign a month ago to stop Barclays Bank increasing landing fees at Luton Airport, over 5000 people have registered their views, with the vast majority supporting the airline’s argument.

Luton Airport is now effectively controlled by the Barclays Group, owner of Barclays Bank. The Bank is now trying to increase landing fees to easyJet passengers by 300%, or £5. If this goes ahead, there will be no further easyJet expansion at Luton. All further growth from the airline will go to other airports - probably in mainland Europe. This will have serious implications on the choice of low-cost air routes available from London Luton Airport. In addition, thousands of future jobs and millions of pounds of investment are at stake.

easyJet has applied to John Prescott - the Secretary of State for Environment, Transport, and the Regions - to have the financial affairs of Barclays-run London Luton Airport regulated in the same way as the other major London airports or other local monopolies, such as rail or water companies. This will stop Barclays Bank trying to rip-off easyJet passengers.