Sabre and LSG Sky Chefs announce new In-flight eBusiness Solution New exchange first to offer Sabre

Sabre Holdings Corporation today announced an agreement to offer Sabre® AirServTM through a new Internet catering portal offered by eLSG.SkyChefs.
Sabre AirServ is the industry-leading airline provisioning system that provides operational and analytical decision making across an airline`s entire catering and cabin service supply chain and business functions. The system helps airlines to more effectively manage their cost by reducing meal overages and inventory levels, providing better schedules for multiple provision flights, automating equipment logistics, auditing invoices, and applying and managing price changes and service levels.
“Our relationship with eLSG.SkyChefs creates a new business model and standard for managing in-flight services through collaboration between airlines, caterers and suppliers over the Internet,” said Brad Jensen, senior vice president of Sabre. “Together, we can help airlines achieve substantial cost savings in their in-flight services.”
“We share Sabre`s vision of creating a new business model for the airline catering industry,” said Hal Michel, president and CEO of eLSG.SkyChefs. “Our Catering Portal will provide access to many value-added applications and enable users to leverage supply chain information to improve delivery of services and create efficiencies throughout the supply chain.”
The strategy behind the eLSG.SkyChefs and Sabre alliance strongly supports Sabre`s direction with its Sabre Marketplace and Sabre eMergo offerings and more broadly with B2B exchange business models. “The e.LSG.SkyChefs relationship represents the first time we have distributed one of our software products through a channel partner via a web portal. We believe this is a preview of how both private and public marketplaces and application specific portals will benefit from the Sabre eMergo suite of applications,” said Jensen.
Under terms of the agreement, AirServ will be integrated into the catering portal as a Web-based tool. The system is one of the 17 initial applications found in Sabre® eMergoTM Web-enabled solutions, a new application service provider (ASP) offering that significantly expands Sabre`s software products and solutions by simplifying delivery and operations for users. Sabre plans to Web-enable more than 30 applications, from planning to operations to decision support. Previously, Sabre only offered core reservations, departure control, flight operations, and cargo products via an ASP platform.
Sabre will also have the opportunity to provide Web hosting services for users of the portal via their Web Hosting unit.
LSG Sky Chefs plans to launch the portal during the first quarter of 2001, followed by staggered functionality releases throughout the year. Initial functionality of the portal will focus on procurement and equipment management, in addition to the entire array of AirServ`s current functionality.