Optims Teams Up With GlobaLoop To Provide High-Speed In-Room Internet Access In Hotels

Optims and GlobaLoop announce today that they have entered into a cooperation agreement to provide GlobaLoop’s accelerated access, high-speed in-room Internet solutions to hotels.
Optims and GlobaLoop have developed an Interface between GlobaLoop`s G.Hotel solution and Optims` Property Management System (PMS). Hotels equipped with Optims software and G.Hotel can now effectively manage and invoice in-room Internet service through the Optims PMS.
The two companies will also cooperate on installation, maintenance, and 24/7 customer support.
“Optims is very excited in providing new business opportunities to all its customers.” says Pierre Matuchet, Vice-President Technology of Optims “We have selected Globaloop for in-room Internet services,” says Pierre Matuchet, Vice-President Technology of Optims. “This is due to their state of the art technology and to their successful implementation process”.
Optims is now the leading European developer in IT solutions for the Hospitality, Catering and Tourism markets. The company has over 3 500 customers in more than 55 countries. Its Revenue Management solutions are already installed on 210 customers’ sites worldwide. Optims provides its products to such groups as Accor, Forte, Fram, Radisson and Nouvelles Frontières.
“GlobaLoop recognizes that Optims is a leading provider of PMS software”, says Omer Einav, President and CEO of GlobaLoop. “With Optims’ international presence, we are confident that this partnership will provide an unprecedented Internet experience to hotel guests, throughout all Optims-installed hotels”.
G.Hotel is based on patented technology, providing broadband ADSL Internet service for all access devices in the hotel, including guest laptops, televisions, Internet kiosks and conference room workstations. G.Hotel is designed to service hotels of varying budgetary requirements. No new wiring in the facility is required, nor is any new equipment needed for standard laptop connections, ensuring that G.Hotel delivers the quickest return on investment and the highest take rate. Personal laptops never need to be reconfigured in order to access the Internet from any G.Hotel-enabled Internet jack. Whether carrying a laptop, relaxing in front of the TV, attending a business conference or simply passing through the lobby, every hotel guest and visitor can enjoy simple and fast Internet access and e-mail.