British Airways salutes London-New York Club World service

British Airways salutes London-New York Club World service

British Airways has become the most successful commercial airline to operate a business class-only service between the world’s financial capitals, London and New York.

Previous all-business class airlines that operated on the route between London and New York, such as Maxjet, Eos and Silverjet, all ceased trading within five years.

The Club World London City service offers customers the choice of a double-daily service, using two specially-configured Airbus A318s, each with just 32 fully-flat business-class seats and a specially tailored service.

Between them, the two aircraft have flown over three and a half thousand times between London and New York, racking up over nine million miles, since flights started in September 2009.

Carrying the prestigious ex-Concorde numbers BA001 and BA003, on flights to New York, and the BA002 and BA004 for the return back to London, it’s the only long-haul service available from London City Airport.

Conveniently located for those working in the City, customers can check-in up to 20 minutes before the aircraft departs, with luggage, and just 15 minutes prior to departure if carrying hand luggage and use the airline’s private departure lounge to relax before the flight – the only one at London City Airport.

While both services land briefly in Shannon to re-fuel, customers travelling on the first service of the day (the BA001) can also disembark clear US customs and immigration to land at JFK as a domestic US passenger and avoid any queues.

Stephen Humphreys, British Airways’ head of UK&I sales, said: “The Club World London City service to New York is unique and is one of the jewels in the British Airways crown.

“Fares are affordable, and the service is highly-exclusive; a winning combination for business customers who want to maximise their time, and travel to New York in comfort and privacy.”

On board, customers are treated to a bespoke in-flight experience with three cabin crew offering complimentary drinks and a full a-la-carte meal service.

They can also access the internet, send and receive emails and texts from their mobile phones during the flight, thanks to connectivity provided by OnAir.