Air Tickets to implement Travelport Net Fare Manager

Air Tickets to implement Travelport Net Fare Manager

Travelport, a leading provider of critical transaction processing solutions and data for the global travel industry, today announced that Air Tickets® has become the first customer in its Asia Pacific region to implement Travelport Net Fare Manager.

Air Tickets® sells airfares on behalf of more than 100 international airlines to 2,500 travel agencies in Australia. Air Tickets® is part of the Jetset Travelworld Group (JTG).

Travelport Net Fare Manager, which was first launched in January this year, automatically aggregates fares distributed by airlines to an inbox where the fares can be quickly viewed and managed. With this solution, Air Tickets® now also has the added functionality to control the onward distribution of fare tariffs and rules for their customers.

Air Tickets®Fares Manager, Robin Gray says, “Air Tickets® has a long track record as Australia’s leading airfare distribution and ticketing services consolidator, and our goal is to deliver tickets quickly, correctly and at the right price. With the implementation of Travelport Net Fare Manager, we can sell live fares with even greater speed and accuracy and we are delighted to be able to provide this increased efficiency to our travel agency customers.”

Robert Clark, Director of Strategic Accounts, Travelport, says, “We have successfully implemented our Net Fare Manager solution with Air Tickets® and we’re confident that they’ll be very satisfied with it.”