Travel The Invigorating Great Ocean Road

Travel The Invigorating Great Ocean Road

There are many options when it comes to trips and deals travelling on the majestic Great Ocean Road Down Under. Do not fall victim of gimmicks; there are many things that can be seen and other things that those keeping an eye on their pennies can overlook. Choice can sometimes prove overwhelming but take your time and plan your ‘must do’ stops in detail. Going in with a plan is key!

The best way, many believe, is to a hire a car and go on an adventure travel. This allows you to pick and choose as you wish, tailoring every mile of your trip. When hiring a vehicle you should check the features of your car including the size of the tank and whether the car is manual or automatic. Strangely, most of the cars are automatics which some manual drivers struggle to adapt too. All the car details will be available online but do check with your provider before you exchange any money.

Every road tripper should not turn the keys in the ignition until they possess a map. Smartphones and GPS systems aside, there is nothing more loyal than the trusty and humble map. The Great Ocean Road is 160 miles of beautiful beaches,  quaint towns, forests and famous landmarks and you want to be sure to see as much of it as possible.

Popular stops include Bells Beach, The Twelve Apostles and Erskine Falls,  to name a few. Fans of popular children’s TV programme Round the Twist should make a stop at Split Point Lighthouse which was used extensively within the series. There is also a great little tea shop,  perfect for a pit stop!

If you fancy seeing some local wildlife, drive down to Tower Hill and marvel at the koalas, kangaroos and fellow wildlife. There are also lots of creepy crawlies to be seen in the forest that is home to majestic waterfalls such as Hopetoun Falls. If you are lucky, you may even see a snake!

No trip would be complete without seeing the two most iconic features of the route. Known as the shipwreck coast, there is often a quiet and eerie atmosphere hiding in coves and above jagged rocks that disappear into the sea.  The number one stop is The Twelve Apostles that run adjacent to the Great Ocean Road itself – a popular stop off point and a standard photo opportunity of one of Mother Nature’s finest masterpieces. Be sure to follow this up with a stop at London Bridge for amazing eroded rocks that stand alone in the ferocious sea that claimed so many ships.

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