Europe, winters and heli-ski- the best trio!

Europe, winters and heli-ski- the best trio!

One of the best things about winters is heli-skiing. Although, unfortunately not all the places where it snows support this awesome sport, some due to lack of the snow covered tracks required and some due to safe slopes. For instance, two of the most lovable tourist destinations- Germany and France do not support heli-skiing anymore. So, it is better to visit these places if not being able to heli-ski does not trouble you much. However, while Germany has completely banned the sport, there are a few French resorts like Val d’lsere, Courchevel and Tignes that touch the border of Italy and Switzerland allow their guests to experience the joy of heli-skiing up to some distance.

Now, if you are visiting Europe and have set your mind to get full-blown heli-ski experience, then Switzerland and Italy are your dream saviors. Here’s a detailed overview of how you can go about your desire to go Heli skiing in the Alps of Switzerland and Italy.

Ask the person sitting next to you about his favorite country and 7 out of 10 times, the answer, the description will be of Switzerland; such is the beauty of this heavenly country. On top of that, if heli skiing is what you have on mind, Switzerland is the place to be! There is simply no better option.

The only thing for you to do is look for a suitable accommodation away from it all. Although, the good news is that most of the resorts, lodges and hotels in Switzerland have tie ups with heli-ski organizers so you can be anywhere and ready to pick by a helicopter as per your preference. In case, you don’t have time to look up for options, without blinking book your room in Zermatt. It is by far the best resort and provides the best ski range out of all.

While Switzerland has more scope for heli skiing enthusiasts, Italy takes more care of your budget, i.e. you can enjoy the sport in much cheaper rates.
Now, since there are lesser options that provide heli skiing opportunities, we have jotted down a list of our favorite accommodation options:

• Cervinia
• Courmayeur

To be very honest, Cervinia is the only resort that can give a neck to neck competition to Switzerland’s Zermatt. In addition to that, as already mentioned it is a much cheaper option with equally beautiful mountain ranges and ski area. Another advantage is that it gives you an opportunity to customize your ski trip; you can choose between single or multi day helicopter trips as per your convenience. Lastly, if you are a sucker for some calm and quiet time, Cervinia, without doubt, is your best bet.
On the same note, if you are a first timer, Courmayeur is a much safer option as the ski range it offers consists of a non glacial terrain, thus you wouldn’t hurt yourself by falling in holes.
However, if you are looking for a more private yet thrilling heli skiing experience, then Monterosa or Valgrisenche are the places to be.