2017 Travel Destinations Most People Will Consider

2017 Travel Destinations Most People Will Consider

Although 2017 just now started, people from all around the world think about the holiday season. It is always a really good idea to plan ahead of time and all travel planning starts with two things: seeing what money is available (maybe thinking about personal loans in Fontana) and choosing a travel destination. When referring strictly to the travel destinations, there is a multitude of available choices but some are definitely going to be a lot more popular than others. According to the estimates of travel agencies, the most popular of the destinations in 2017 will be the Caribbean, Italy, Mexico, Ireland and London. In the USA most people are going to travel to Oralando, Alaska, Hawaii, Florida and Las Vegas.

Besides the destinations, there are also some travel trends that are going to become reality, which we will talk about below.

Experiential Travel
The expert and novice travellers in 2017 will look for experiences that will build a connection with people, traditions and cultures. The tours that are expected to be booked are those that will include some special options connected with local families. A genuine connection with the locals is something that many want right now.

Canada Is Getting More Popular
Canada stands out as a really popular travel destination that is close to the USA and that people even with limited finances can enjoy. 2017 is an important year for the country as it will celebrate 150 years ever since it appeared. This means that there are so many interesting opportunities that will be available for travellers with special events planned all around the country.

Ireland And Iceland In 2017
There is a growing demand for the travellers that want to go to Europe. Many of them are interested in visiting Iceland and Ireland. This is mainly because of particularly low airfares and the fact the countries are seen as being completely safe when compared with others. These are 2 travel destinations that have not been visited by many so the uniqueness of the experience is something that will be attractive.

River Cruises
Around 40% of US citizens are considering river cruises this year. 24% of citizens think that they are going to be on such a cruise in the following five years. Cruises are always going to be really appealing for the older travellers but we see that milennials are also highly interested in this, much more than the other younger generations.

Visiting National Parks
2016 was when the National park Service had its 100th anniversary. The fanfare was high and we do expect to see the trend of visiting national parks in 2017 to be a reality, more than in 2015. Around 80% of US citizens are interested in visiting some national parks during the first months of 2017.
On the whole, the trends above are definitely going to be helpful in giving you some options to consider. It is not at all difficult to find great deals these days so focusing on popular travel destinations can only make the entire travel experience better.