Bulgarian Municipalities Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad and Stambolovo show the spirit of ancient Thrace

Bulgarian Municipalities Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad and Stambolovo show the spirit of ancient Thrace

The spirit of Thrace - an ancient Balkan region is presented by a new tourist product of the Bulgarian municipalities Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad and Stambolovo. It is implemented through an European project under the Operational Programme “Regional Development” 2007-2013 funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Located on an important crossroads connecting East and West, Europe and Asia, the history of Bulgaria reflects in Haskovo region. Proof of the long history are the numerous prehistoric, Thracian, Roman, late antique and medieval architectural monuments. The favorable geographical location and good living conditions contribute to early and continuous development of the region. Over the centuries, these lands have been in contact with many cultures: Thracian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Slavic, Ottoman. All of them are traces that today tell of the wealth of history, traditions and customs. The ancient Thracian tribe is one of the most famous in the world for its production of gold ornaments and objects which are more exquisite than those of the American Incas.

The people inhabited the lands north of the Aegean Sea have left behind a rich tradition and culture, which today the municipalities of Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad and Stambolovo show by a package for tourists from around the world.

Real proof of the uniqueness of this European region, bordering the East is the unique tomb with murals near the Haskovo village Aleksandrovo dating from the 4th century BC. In the nearby village Uzundzhovo the largest rural church in Bulgaria is located. The temple was built back in 1593 as an Orthodox, but was later converted by the Ottoman Turks in a mosque. At the beginning of the last century it was converted into a church, and is now restored and is open to tourists.

The world’s largest statue of the Virgin Mary can be seen in Haskovo. It is built in 2003 and is listed in the World record book “Guinness”.

Thracian cult complex and unique rock formations will capture each guest of the municipality of Stambolovo. The ancient sanctuary of the Nymphs, doomed to Dionysus - the god of wine is located near Dimitrovgrad, which is one of the best in the world that can be seen in this area. The town of Dimitrovgrad itself is a kind of outdoor museum of socialist construction.

All this and many more attractions you can visit and see in the municipalities of Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad and Stambolovo all year round. Local authorities will take care of it thanks to the regional package developed with the support of EU funds.