September - time for tourism in Haskovo, Bulgaria

September - time for tourism in Haskovo, Bulgaria

If you have planned your holidays in September, the Bulgarian Municipalities Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad and Stambolovo offer a great opportunity for cultural and historical tourism. During that time the municipalities located in the southeastern region of the Balkan Peninsula organize many festivals with interesting cultural events which will captivate even the most sophisticated taste. Songs, dances, distinctive customs, interesting routes are a guarantee to spend interesting and lovely time in this unknown region of Europe.

On September 2 is the feast of the town of Dimitrovgrad, which is famous for its unique in Bulgaria Socialist architecture from the middle of the last century. This kind of “Socialism Baroque” should not be missed by the lovers of interesting buildings.

The festival of the town of Haskovo is on the 8th of September as the Virgin Mary is considered to be the protector of Haskovo for centuries. In her honor in 2003 a 30 meters high statue was built in the town and it is entered in the World record book “Guinness” as the highest in the world. Not accidentally the residents of this southern European city choosed the 8th of September to be their feast.

The Nativity of the Virgin Mary is celebrated on that date. Many cultural events are an integral part of the festivities lasting all week.

Stambolovo is a small municipality located in the Eastern Rhodopes mountains. On the 30th of September it celebrates its feast. On this date in 1983 by a Government Decree the village was declared a municipal center. In Bulgaria Stambolovo is known for its food bioproducts - honey, fruits and vegetables, grain. They are one of the best in the world, according to their manufacturers.

Artistic art lovers from all over Europe know the village for a long time as during the celebrations of the Stambolovo the major international forum for artists is implemented.

The guarantee that every tourist will have a good time here is the extraordinary hospitality of the people and the incredible nature of this warm southern region of the Balkan Peninsula. The tourist product, enabling to organize tours in the three municipalities is possible thanks to the project developed under the Operational Programme “Regional Development” 2007-2013 - “Development of regional tourist product: Haskovo - Dimitrovgrad - Stambolovo”, financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria.