Breaking Travel News investigates: Ecotourism excellence in Ecuador

Breaking Travel News investigates: Ecotourism excellence in Ecuador Views over Ecuadorian capital Quito, recognised as the South America’s Leading Destination by the World Travel Awards

Quito has continued to position itself at the forefront of ecotourism and sustainability in global tourism.

Due to the professional implementation of sustainable practices across the city’s tourism sector, Quito has recently been voted among the 20 most intelligent cities of Latin America by IESE.

Furthermore, Quito recently hosted the Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism Conference 2015 - entitled ‘The Future We Want: Effecting positive change through Ecotourism’ – further boosting its credentials.

This event took place from April 27th-30th and brought together 600 professionals from 50 countries including government officials, representatives of academia, NGOs, tourism service providers, opinion leaders, media and the general public.

ESTC is a unique opportunity to discuss and share innovative ideas for sustainable tourism and the conservation of natural and cultural world heritage.

During various field trips the participants were able to visit selected sustainable projects and to enjoy the amazing possibilities Ecuador has to offer.

Culinary Destination

Quito Turismo is not only preserving the ecological heritage of the destination, but also of the culinary traditions.

The city’s cuisine is currently experiencing a revival, with young, creative chefs taking it out into the world.

In fact, the entire promotional strategy of the city based more and more on storytelling.

Instead of showing visitors impressive but lifeless monuments, they are invited to immerse themselves into the stories of the city and its people and to experience their own stories.

Those stories may consist of shopping on a local market, visiting a shaman who performs a cleaning ceremony or taking part in a handicraft workshop in the old street La Ronda.

Quito is becoming livelier by the minute and is a true fountain of experiences for visitors from all over the world.

More Information

Quito has been recognised as South America’s Leading Destination by the World Travel Awards for the past two years.

The city has been nominated again for the World Travel Awards Latin America Gala Ceremony 2015.

To find out more, and for your chance to vote, head over to the official website.