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Visit Sweden invites world to celebrate Midsummer

Visit Sweden is inviting people from around the world to experience the joy of Midsummer through a series of virtual events.

On Friday June 19th, Midsummer’s Eve, the country’s most beloved traditions will be shared through live stream on Visit Sweden’s Facebook page.

Grocery lists and recipes will be shared on Visit Sweden’s Facebook page in advance, for those who want to take part in cooking a Midsummer feast at home.

Next to Christmas, Midsummer is the most important event for Swedes, which is traditionally held to welcome summer and the season of fertility and dates back to the 1500s.

The iconic Midsummer never-ending lunch party formula involves raising a maypole, where people gather to dance and sing, alongside wearing flower crowns, drinking schnapps and devouring smoked salmon and pickled herring paired with new potatoes, chives and sour cream, as well as summer’s first strawberries with cream.

Local Swedish hosts from different regions will guide viewers in English through the activities and share their personal midsummer traditions.

Since all major midsummer events in Sweden have been cancelled, this will give people all over the world a unique and immersive way to join a genuine, private midsummer party.