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End of an Era for

26 July 2005 Press Release Travel Technology News

By Anna GouldmanOnline consolidation continues as last week saw Sabre’s Travelocity Europe complete its acquisition of, marking the end of an era for many internet-savvy travellers. Sabre expects the addition of to improve its position in the European marketplace. A Glimpse Through History

23 December 2003 Press Release Travel Technology News

To round up the year 2003, Internet Travel News takes a retrospective look at the history behind the world’s second largest online travel site, Marty Gast, an online marketing consultant, and former VP of Segment Marketing for reflects and tells his story of the launch of Travelocity.

Get Your Boarding Pass Online with Travelocity

19 December 2003 Press Release Airline News

To further assist customers in dealing with the increase in traffic at the airports this holiday season, Travelocity(R) has partnered with American Airlines to offer its customers direct access to one of American`s most popular time saving check-in alternatives—Flight Check-In at For more than a year, any domestic passenger with an American e-ticket could bypass check-in lines at the airport by going to to check-in and print their boarding pass, from anywhere they can find an Internet connection and printer.

Travelocity Reveals Survey On Rudeness in Travel and Tips to Make Trips Merrier This Holiday

16 December 2003 Press Release Travel Technology News

‘Tis the season of merriment, unless you’re traveling next to a loud talker or an incessant cell-phone chatterer, says a new Travelocity poll on the state of rude behavior amongst travelers. This survey of more than 1,000 travelers was conceived by Public Agenda, a nonprofit public opinion research organization which conducted a major national study of rudeness in America that was supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts.