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Travelocity Buys WhereTo has acquired WhereTo, an Australian firm with industry-leading net fare booking technology.
Today, the majority of fares available in many international markets, as well as a burgeoning number in the US, are consolidator or “net” fares. With these fares, the supplier offers a fare to the travel agent at one price and the agent is allowed to market that fare at a higher price and earn the margin.
With the acquisition of WhereTo and its technology—and by making the experts who designed the technology part of the team— will be better able to efficiently manage net fares in a near real-time manner, greatly improving customer fare options. The WhereTo technology will also provide better pricing for more complicated trips such as en-route and multiple stopovers.
Combined with`s industry-leading fare search tools, WhereTo`s net fare search engine will improve`s ability to offer a wide range of product in the world`s most demanding air pricing markets. It will also greatly enhance`s ability to book complex itineraries with multiple stopovers online.
Founded in 1999, Sydney, Australia-based WhereTo has created a range of online travel and agency products, including industry leading segment-based net fare booking engines and dynamic net fare construction engines, agency automation systems, web site content management systems and applications development systems.