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Travelocity Business Expands Online Reporting Options

Travelocity Business has bolstered its travel reporting capabilities to provide corporations with more ways to easily access and analyze online travel data for more proactive travel management.
Corporations now can choose from four different reporting packages to meet their diverse needs for managing critical travel data. The reporting packages allow corporations to create instant snapshots of travel activity from a variety of viewpoints online, 24 hours a day, with information as current as from the prior day. For added convenience, companies can select specific reports and schedule them to be compiled and delivered automatically at a desired frequency to anyone within the company.

“Gone are the days when corporations had to wait weeks or months for travel data,” said Scott Hyden, general manager of Travelocity Business. “Companies using our new reporting packages now have access to a wide range of relevant travel data that can empower them to make more timely decisions and dramatically impact the success of their travel programs.”

All reports can be delivered in PDF format for formal distribution, or in spreadsheet format as a working copy.