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VisitBritain partners for budget accommodation invitation

VisitBritain partners for budget accommodation invitation

VisitBritain has appointed to support its £125 million “GREAT Britain, You’re Invited” programme.

Targeted at independent and youth travellers, the joint campaign will promote Britain as a must-see destination and encourage travellers to explore the UK using a wide network of accommodation available on

The resilient budget and youth travel market is an increasingly important segment for Britain as the national tourism agency looks to attract an extra 4.6 million overseas visitors by 2015.

With global economic growth still subdued, many travellers are choosing accommodation abroad based on cost.

According to 2012 Travel Survey nearly 90 per cent of travellers questioned will not pay over $US100 per night for a room and with a majority willing to reduce accommodation costs to have their holiday of choice.

The marketing campaign supporting the partnership will be rolled out early 2013, initially focusing on the highly important German market.

Germany accounts for ten per cent of visits to the UK, with nearly three million German travellers spending £1.25 billion pounds in 2011.

Holiday visits from 16-34 year olds from Germany have also been rising over the last few years (up 17 per cent compared to 2004), while there has also been 29 per cent growth in the number of younger Germans staying in hostel/university accommodation.

Feargal Mooney, chief executive for “We are proud to be VisitBritain’s partner of choice in this exciting initiative.

“As the most trusted hostel booking site, we look forward to promoting the value that hostels represent and the opportunity this gives people to travel to the UK more frequently, stay longer and see more, than they would otherwise be able to afford to do.”