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Visit Detroit Launches the Detroit Pizza Passport

Visit Detroit Launches the Detroit Pizza Passport

Visit Detroit is proud to announce the launch of the Detroit Pizza Passport, a unique digital pass designed to help locals and visitors explore the best pizza city in the United States.

From authentic Detroit-style pizzas to inventive flavor fusions and classic hand-tossed creations, this passport offers a comprehensive experience of the flavorful mosaic of pizza in the Motor City.

Claude Molinari, President and CEO of Visit Detroit, shares his excitement, stating, “Detroit’s pizza heritage is unlike any other, and the Detroit Pizza Passport lets visitors savor it all. It’s a celebration of our city’s culinary creativity, and we can’t wait to take people on this delicious journey.”

The Detroit Pizza Passport simplifies the exploration of Detroit’s renowned pizza scene without the need for downloading an app. Users can conveniently sign up through their mobile browsers and bookmark the pass page for seamless access to participating pizzerias. Passport holders can earn points by checking in at participating pizza joints and redeem them for exciting prizes (Detroit pizza hats, aprons, shirts, and stickers) in the rewards store.

Participating merchants range from spots serving authentic Detroit-style pizza in the heart of the city to unique flavor fusions and classic hand-tossed pies from all across the metro area. The Detroit Pizza Pass is a celebration of the unmatched pizza scene of Detroit, the best pizza city in America, and a delicious testament to the time-honored pizza heritage that is a staple in Detroit’s food culture.


“As the originator of Detroit-style pizza, we’re excited to be a part of this new Detroit Pizza Pass program, and to be helping enthusiasts celebrate all things pizza in Detroit,” said Michelle Mullen, Director of Marketing for Buddy’s Pizza. “Detroit’s amazing pizza legacy and its current, vibrant scene are things to honor and experience, and we’re happy to play our part in both.”

Locals and visitors can also sign up for the Detroit Brew Trail and the Explore Detroit Pass to discover more ways to save and earn prizes in Southeast Michigan. Learn more and sign up at