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Visa joins forces with Orbitz for Business

Visa joins forces with Orbitz for Business

Visa is working with Orbitz for Business, the corporate travel brand of Orbitz Worldwide, to provide corporate clients with a turn-key, end-to-end travel and expense solution designed to make booking, reconciliation and reporting more efficient.

The solution, Visa Travel Manager, is specifically designed to give mid-market companies control of, and visibility into, employee travel spending. It is planned to be available to Visa issuers and their clients starting October 2015.

Visa Travel Manager combines an Orbitz-powered booking and payment portal on the front end with Visa IntelliLink reporting and expense management on the back end. This integration gives companies a greater ability to capture total travel spend and have increased visibility across their organization, promote compliance, and provide data intelligence to drive cost savings.

Because the system is easy to use, employees can save time and resources by having an easy way to book travel and submit their expense reports. To book, employees will be instructed to use Visa’s Orbitz for Business portal and pay with their Visa business travel card. They’ll receive access to all supplier published rates as well as discounted Orbitz for Business rates, while also being able to use the same platform to manage and submit their expense reports. The Orbitz for Business portal provides users with an easy-to-use, familiar experience that is consistent across all booking channels including online, tablet and mobile, plus access to corporate travel agents to assist with bookings and in-trip support.

“Visa Travel Solutions offer convenience, efficiency, transparency and insight throughout the travel lifecycle,” said David Henstock, Vice President of Global Commercial Solutions, Visa Inc. “With Visa Travel Manager, we’re bringing together two recognized brands to offer a great customer experience, making business travel easier than ever for mid-market companies.”


“We are excited to work with Visa on this initiative,” said Charles Bacharach, Vice President of Global Sales for Orbitz for Business. “We feel this sector of the marketplace is currently under-served and believe that Visa Travel Manager is well positioned to address the mid-size customer needs through this truly end-to-end solution set.”