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Finnair launches latest Apple Watch app

Finnair launches latest Apple Watch app

Finnair customers can now enjoy a more personalised service with Finnair’s new app for Apple Watch.

Designed to be the perfect travel companion, the app navigates customers through every stage of their journey with ease.

The Finnair app, allows customers to benefit from Finnair’s exceptional service while on the move.

Customers are guided smoothly and effortlessly through each phase of their journey, from booking to arriving at their destination, with a series of personalised features.

Up-to-the-minute flight information at a glance ensures a smooth transition from the beginning of the journey to the final destination.


The latest version of the iOS8 application includes a new feature to allow passengers to buy additional luggage in advance using Finnair Plus points.

Three-quarters of people who have downloaded the Finnair app using it on a daily basis.

The app for mobile phone offers additional services and can be used to download boarding passes, check in, select seats, purchase upgrades, receive relevant offers and check Finnair Plus point status.