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Virgin Atlantic improves in-flight entertainment offering

Virgin Atlantic improves in-flight entertainment offering

Virgin Atlantic has announced that passengers will be able to turn on their in-flight entertainment systems prior to take-off and will be able to leave it on during landing.

This new service which is available on Virgin Atlantic’s video on demand in-flight entertainment system will offer passengers an additional two hours of entertainment per flight.

Up until recently in-flight entertainment systems on board Virgin Atlantic aircraft were turned on 25 minutes after taking off and had to be switched off 40 minutes before landing but this new service allows passengers to watch movies once the safety demonstration is completed

Reuben Arnold, customer experience director for Virgin Atlantic Airways commented: “We are always looking into different ways to enhance our customer experience and this is a good example of making our existing product work for our passengers.”

During taxi, take-off and landing, only headsets provided by Virgin Atlantic must be worn but once in the air, passengers are able to use their own headsets.