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TripAdvisor launches airline reviews to global audience

TripAdvisor has announced the launch of a new airline reviews platform.

At the same time the review giant has revealed a redesigned flights search service and the beta launch of its “flyscore” feature that rates the quality of each air travel itinerary for consumers.

The new enhancements to the site bring transparency to a marketplace that has become increasingly difficult for consumers to make direct comparisons between flight options.

With the launch of the new airline reviews platform, which will include all major airlines globally, TripAdvisor expands its massive base of 350 million traveller reviews and opinions.

Travellers now have a go-to resource for making more informed air travel decisions based not only on the price of the flight, but the total experience with the airline as viewed by TripAdvisor’s community of more than 340 million monthly unique visitors.

According to a recent TripAdvisor survey of over 4,000 UK consumers, more than a third believe airlines are making it harder to find the total cost of a flight.

The same survey found that 38 per cent of UK consumers also believe airlines’ in-flight amenities information is not very accessible.

Airline reviews from the millions of flyers on TripAdvisor will better communicate the total value of a flight beyond the price.

“The time has come for a better way to research, compare and shop for flights.

“TripAdvisor is excited to innovate and lead with the launch of airline reviews in 48 markets in 29 languages.

“Additionally, we’ve introduced a set of new features within our search experience to help consumers better understand the true value of air travel beyond price,” said Bryan Saltzburg, senior vice president and general manager, global flights business.

“Over the years, the in-flight experience has changed dramatically – in some ways for the better, in some ways for the worse.

“We know our users tell us it is not always easy for travellers to find the best options by just looking at the baseline price of a flight.

“We’re uniquely solving that problem by surfacing candid traveller reviews and photos, detailed amenities information and tools to find the lowest fares all on one site empowering flyers to pick the best itinerary for their trip.”

New TripAdvisor flights features

In February 2014, TripAdvisor became the first to feature comprehensive in-flight insights, amenities information and candid traveller photos coupled with the ability to scan for the lowest prices for airlines globally.

Now TripAdvisor is expanding on these advances with the following new features:

  • Airline reviews platform: Gives travellers a platform to share their candid feedback – both good and bad – about all major airlines around the globe.
  • Flyscore (beta): Helps demystify the flight shopping experience by displaying a one-ten score for individual flights based on the power of qualitative traveller reviews, the quality of the aircraft, in-flight amenities and the duration of the itinerary. The score helps travellers quickly scan for the best flight options before booking.
  • Enhanced Amenities: Showcases even more comprehensive information about in-flight amenities, such as power ports and the type of in-flight Wi-Fi available to flyers.

Additional enhancements to flight search are expected to follow later this year.