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TRIP.COM GROUP WELCOMES ITALIAN TOURISM MINISTER AND DELEGATION TO ITS HEADQUARTERS Group CEO Jane Sun today welcomed Italy’s Minister of Tourism, Ms Daniela Santanchè, and her delegation, at the Group’s office in Shanghai.
Ms. Santanchè delegation included Ms. Erika Guerri, Head of Cabinet, Ms. Tiziana D’Angelo, Consul General of Republic of Italy in Shanghai, Ms. Ivana Jelenic, CEO of ENIT, and other officials.

Ms Sun and her team hosted Ms. Santanchè and her delegation to a tour of the Group’s premises, and thereafter engaged in a discussion which focused on travel and tourism, and women’s empowerment, among others. During the discussion, Ms Sun also highlighted Group’s strengths, including technology, content marketing and customer service, and ways to deepen cooperation between both sides.

Ms Santanchè said: “The meeting with Ms. Sun and her team offered many interesting ideas, both on present and future perspectives of collaboration between Italy and China, as well as an overview of the methods of promoting Italy to an audience of high-spending users.”

Ms Sun said: “It is our honour and privilege to welcome and host Minister Daniela Santanchè and her delegation. It was a great discussion during which we shared our Group’s initiatives to promote destinations in Europe, including Italy, to high-spending tourists who are seeking quality tourism experiences. We also appreciate the opportunity to share insights and exchange views with the Minister on potential growth opportunities and challenges ahead. My colleagues and I are looking forward with excitement to strengthening our collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism to position Italy as a destination of choice.”

Based on Group’s recent data, search volumes and bookings of travel products related to Italy have been increasing. Flight search volume to Italy rose by 363% in August 2023, as compared to the previous year, while accommodation bookings during the same period increased by 283%.