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Travelocity updates iphone app with credit card scan technology

Travelocity updates iphone app with credit card scan technology

Travelocity has announced version 4.9 of its iPhone app which is available for free download on the Apple App Store.

The 4.9 update features several enhancements, including the implementation of an innovative credit card scan tool that uses the iPhone’s camera to capture and auto-fill the billing information fields to save on-the-go travellers the hassle of typing in numbers.

Another popular Travelocity iPhone app, Hotel Deals by, was the first travel app to introduce this technology and there are currently no other travel apps with the unique feature.

The scanning feature, too, has been updated and now captures a customer’s credit card expiration date in addition to the number.

“Through customer feedback on the app, we know that the credit card scanning feature is an added convenience for the on-the-go traveller who relies on our apps to make life a little easier on the road,” said Kelly Mulroney, vice president, product, Travelocity.

“We look forward to introducing other features, not only to the iPhone app, but to our entire suite of mobile products throughout the rest of the year.”

Travelocity’s iPhone app continues to offer “Mobile Exclusive Deals,” discounted rooms from both major chain hotels and independent properties which are priced on average, ten percent lower than the online version of the site.