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Travelocity Business expands reporting suite to leverage travel data

Travelocity Business expands reporting suite to leverage travel data

Travelocity Business® today announced a proprietary dashboard reporting solution that allows corporations to thoroughly and easily analyze their total travel program. Travelocity Business ranks among the top 10 travel management companies in North America, offering corporations a compelling combination of best-in-class automation and traditional travel management services.

The on-demand, web-based analytic suite is designed to leverage detailed information from Travelocity Business’s extensive travel data reporting warehouse to bring greater visibility into the performance and compliance of their customers’ travel programs.  The visual representation of the new dashboards better enables Travelocity Business customers to easily view large data sets in a more meaningful and useful manner

“Our new dashboard offering will greatly enhance our customers’ ability to compare a variety of vital travel metrics, ranging from adoption rates and travel spend by business unit to lost savings and unused tickets,” said Yannis Karmis, president of Travelocity Business. “The easy-to-navigate dashboards will not only give a clearer top-level view and analysis, but will also allow site users to drill down for additional, important reporting information.”

Travelocity Business’s dashboards will enable, at all levels in an organization, the ability to analyze major travel spend categories, review performance and trends, drill down on reports and compare spend data with policy compliance to make more informed business decisions.

The 14 basic dashboard reporting offerings with customizable views allow for further drill down into additional reports where data can be viewed from various time periods or side by side.  Various available reports in the Travelocity Business standard reporting tool are:


-      Overall Adoption / by Month / by Quarter: Shows broken out percentages of adoption overall by year or by month / quarter, both domestically and internationally

-      Advanced Purchase Spend: Offers the ability to view advance purchase spending by individual company units

-      Lost Savings: Provides an analysis on areas of lost travel savings within a company, with categories including booking refusal due to timing, preferred airline booking, refused connections, rail service and class of service choices

-      Missed Hotel Nights: Analyzes the differences between a company’s overall number of travel nights as compared with the number of missed hotel nights, resulting in the potential loss of savings from a supplier

-      Non-Refundable Tickets: Provides the total number of tickets purchased and then compares the number of non-refundable vs. refundable tickets purchased

-      Purpose of Trip: Breaks out the reasons for travel, combined domestically and internationally, in a variety of categories including a customer-facing client meeting, an internal non-customer meeting, sales meeting, consultant travel, training, convention / conference travel and customer service visits

Additionally, Travelocity Business’ basic dashboard offerings also provides customers with the ability to analyze its top travel brands along with total spend across hotels, airlines and car rental companies, offering insight into company usage for future supplier negotiations.

Towards the end of the 3rd quarter in 2010, Travelocity Business customers will also have the option to choose a more advanced dashboard reporting system, allowing for more than 30 different dashboards and a “what if?” analysis capability, as well as customized dashboards built specifically to their company and travel arrangers’ needs.