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Travelling public calls for more effective testing regime

Travelling public calls for more effective testing regime

Research among British consumers shows that they would prefer testing and tracing options instead of blanket quarantine measures recently re-introduced for Spain by the UK government. 

The research was carried out by the PC Agency with independent research company AudienceNet, with 1,460 adults expressing an opinion.

Public opinion shows 70 per cent were in favour of testing and tracing over self-quarantine when asked about the measures.

The responses in favour of testing were particularly strong from those living in London and Northern Ireland, and over the age of 55.

Heathrow chief executive, John Holland-Kaye, yesterday called for the implementation of such a system.

He argued a testing regime could replace the ‘quarantine roulette’ seen in recent days.


Paul Charles, chief executive of travel consultancy the PC Agency, said: “If we’re to live with coronavirus for the longer-term, then the government should be investing in Nightingale-style test facilities at UK airports so as to capture any signs of the virus before it enters the country.

“As most UK consumers believe, effective testing and tracing is the solution rather than economically-damaging quarantine measures.

“Testing may not capture everyone, but it will significantly reduce the cases coming into the UK.”

The government introduced blanket quarantine measures for anyone entering the UK from Spain last weekend as evidence emerged of increasing coronavirus cases in Catalonia and other regions.

Data from the European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control, an agency of the European Union, shows case numbers rising in the last seven days (July 21st -28th) in several countries, including Monaco, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Belgium, Romania and Bulgaria.