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Tourism to Brazil Showing Signs of Recovery

Tourism to Brazil Showing Signs of Recovery

This year has marked the resumption of tourism in Brazil, and the movement of the country’s international air network is one of the main metrics that prove the recovery of the sector.
On the rise each month, Brazilian air connectivity with the world operates at more than 80 percent of the capacity observed in 2019. Argentina, the United States and Portugal were the countries with the most flights to Brazil in the first half, with 10,800 arrivals in all.

The United States appears in first place among long-haul destinations, with 3,972 flights, followed by Portugal, with 2,661. Argentina, a neighboring country, sent 4,250 flights to Brazil, leading the overall connectivity ranking with the country.

And the five most booked Brazilian destinations by international tourists, according to, based on a survey by the site, during the month of July were: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Foz do Iguaçu (the main base for visiting the Iguaçu Falls), Salvador (the capital of the state of Bahia) and Fortaleza (a popular beach city).

Another major draw, held September 2-11, was the Rock in Rio music festival. It’s estimated that 10,000 international travelers from 21 different countries attended the show. “This demonstrates the strength that major events, such as Rock in Rio, have to promote international tourism,” said Embratur president Silvio Nascimento.

As a whole, according to the Federation of Trade in Goods, Services, and Tourism in São Paulo, the tourism sector earned 100 billion Brazilian real (approximately $19.4 billion) in the first half of 2022. The amount is 33 percent higher than the result in the same month in 2021.