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Time magazine covers Seychelles

Time magazine covers Seychelles

The visibility of the Seychelles is receiving a boost from all different avenues. The recent highly-publicized honeymoon in the Seychelles by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has been said to have brought unprecedented interest in the islands.

The dynamic approach and tireless work of the Seychelles Tourism Board for the last two years has been greatly assisted by the royal honeymoon, and the accolades for Seychelles keeps popping up from new circles. Prince Philip was himself seen on a BBC program about his 90th birthday holding the unique Seychelles Coco de Mer nut, that remains endemic to the Seychelles, and then came Time magazine with an article about Cousine island of the Seychelles being a haven for birds.

The article in the TIME stated: “Approaching Cousine, the first thing the eyes register, after recovering from the sight of the island’s blinding white hem of sand, is the sky. Or rather not the sky, but the vast numbers of sea birds diving and wheeling overhead. Over 100,000 of them roost on this 25-hectare island, one of the 115 that make up the Seychelles.”

The Seychelles is known to be an island nation conscious of environmental protection. Mr. James Michel, the President of the Republic of Seychelles, has recently announced that over 50% of the total land area of the Seychelles has now been declared as national parks, making the islands the only country in the world to have achieved this level of commitment to the protection of their environment.