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The Sun Newspaper speaks about David Beckham’s love of Seychelles

The famous English footballer, David Beckham, seems to have discovered the perfect location on Earth where he can catch his breath and have a good rest. This is the Seychelles islands.

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid ace told The Sun newspaper last week that he would love to spend some three months in Seychelles as he recovers from an injury and waits to get better before he can hit on the pitch again. He noted, however, that this would not be possible at the moment as his sons have to attend school.

“Three months in the Seychelles would be lovely, but I have three boys who go to school so that can’t happen,” he said. “I will just take some time off and then get back to it.”

Thirty-eight-year-old Beckham was talking to The Sun about his past six months on the sidelines, which he described as “the toughest of my career so far.”
He ruptured his left Achilles while on loan at AC Milan in March and that ended his dream of playing in a fourth World Cup finals for England.

The former England skipper said that even if he’s been out of the game for six months now, one thing remains very clear to him, and that is “I still love the game and I’m not ready to finish yet.”


It seems that the high-profile Beckham couple holds Seychelles very close to their hearts after spending a blissful holiday their in July last year on the occasion of their 10th wedding anniversary. Today in September, David Beckham must be reminded of his last holiday, as he tells The Sun Newspaper that “Three months in the Seychelles would be lovely.”