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The finalists for “Miss Seychelles 2012” are revealed

The finalists for “Miss Seychelles 2012” are revealed

The selection process of the national beauty pageant, “Miss Seychelles… another world 2012,” brings out the final 12 contestants who have been chosen out of the 28 applicants.

The names of the 12 finalists are as follows: Christina Fondamière, Corrine Roucou, Diana Marie, Isabel Lavigne, Mathilda Chetty, Natasha Robinson, Petra Morel, Shanice Hoareau, Sherlyn Furneau , Stephanie Ernesta , Vanesa Adam, and Vicky Cupidon.

The 28 contestants who came forward were judged on a number of criteria ranging from their entrance, introduction, poise, personality, knowledge, physical attributes, expressiveness, and charisma. The selection committee was comprised of representatives from within the organizing committee of the pageant, as well as outside collaborators who will be working with the young ladies during the run-up to the pageant.

It must be said that the decision was not straight-forward and that thorough discussions took place before a conclusion was made. The decision to admit only 12 applicants through to the pageant was to give ample time to each contestant during the training sessions that will now begin to ensure that everyone is ready for Pageant Day – May 26, 2012.

The Seychelles Tourism Board would like to congratulate all applicants for the professionalism, courage, and elegance they showed during the entire process. It should be noted that whether they have been selected or not, by applying to the pageant, the applicants have brought themselves to the attention of all those who have been involved in the process so far; this experience will have opened new doors to all 28 girls.


The organizing committee looks forward to working with the 12 final contestants in preparation for the pageant on May 26, 2012. “Miss Seychelles…another world” will be the new face for Seychelles for the year 2012.