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TAP’s top Portuguese stunning surfing spots

TAP’s top Portuguese stunning surfing spots

TAP Air Portugal has revealed Portugal’s best surfing hotspots for those looking to ride waves this summer.

Portugal is home to some of the best surfing in the world and has the best conditions for surfers in Europe, thanks to its fantastic 950km long coastline.


It also boasts 300 sunny days a year, with 370 Blue Flag status beaches offering an incredible array of surfing conditions for experts and beginners alike.



They can face the challenges of the world’s highest surfing waves in Nazaré to the more forgiving surfing locations along Algarve coast and the great surf beaches dotted along the Silver Coast.


The airline’s top recommended surfing spots include:


World Surfing Reserve Ericeira

Ericeira is Portugal’s - and probably Europe’s - surfing capital with its 8km of coastline offering a diverse range of year-round surfing conditions for surfers of every level and from its first national surfing competition at Ribeira D’ilhas in 1977 has become a firm favourite for national and international competitions. 



Nazaré offers some of Portugal’s most consistent surf, as well as some of the largest surfable waves on the planet, towering an incredible 80ft. Just an hour and a half north of Lisbon, Praia do Norte or North Beach has huge, heavy and truly menacing waves that only the toughest of experts would dare tackle.



Carcavelos is host to one of the best known surf spots in the Lisbon area and in the whole of Portugal. It is 10 minutes drive from Lisbon city centre and gets consistent waves most of the year. It offers challenging peaks, and due to its predictable tide, it can also accommodate surfers of all levels, with lots of local surf schools offering equipment and surf lessons.


Lagoa de Albufeira

Meanwhile, sitting some 20km south of Lisbon, Lagoa de Albufeira promises year-round surf for starters on smaller waves to barrel breakers for the experienced thrill seekers. In between hitting the waves, the stunning sandy site is fantastic for soaking up the sun.



The memorable shores of Guincho give riders punchy swells, scenic sunsets and unforgettable memories. This windy beach is perfect for windsurfers, but also a major site for experienced surfers. Depending on the position of the sand banks, low to mid tide is normally the best time to head over and hit the lip.


Praia do Magoito

This beach in Sintra is almost tourist-free and the ideal openwater setting to take a board and ride along the clear blue swells of this picturesque bay. It is located close to Europe’s westernmost point at Cabo da Roca and within walking distance from the village of Azenhas do Mar.


Costa da Caparica

There are surfers down the entire 15km-long coast of Costa da Caparica, but they can mainly be found gliding the pipes at the beaches near the centre of town (Praia do CDS, Praia de São João da Caparica), and on the stretch known as Praia da Riviera, which is a perfect spot for those wanting to try the sport for the first time.


Looking further afield to Porto, there are yet more options for those looking for a spot of adrenaline fueled aquatic adventures.



Luz is the most accessible surf spot for those wanting to stay close to the heart of Porto. Walkable from the bustling city centre, the beach is perfect for those craving a quick thrill out on the water. These waves bring in a big crowd, testing some of the more experienced surfers.


Praia da Tocha

This serine beach is the perfect location for beginner and intermediate wave riders. Its gentle tide and forgiving swells showcase an idyllic design for those who want to immerse themselves in the surfing life.



This long stretch of sandy beach delivers perfect peaks for newcomers to the sport. For surfers with a little more experience, a sheltered nearby reef break also offers the chance to challenge skills. With spots up and down the beach that break on all tides, Matosinhos is the ideal destination for a rewarding day of surfing.


Praia Internacional

Praia Internacional is a mellow surf spot with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in Porto, Via do Castelo. A clash of surf and city cultures, in the very best of ways, this is a cool place just to come and hang-out, whether in or out of the water.



Sitting further north than International Beach, Leca is the most consistent surf spot in the Porto city area. A real swell magnet of a break. Contained within a harbour, the spot provides essential shelter when conditions get a little gnarly. As well as providing protection, the wall also helps to shape the sandbars to produce peaky, dredgy sections.


This vibrant stretch of water offers the more advanced wave carveres an experience that will challenge them at every level. The best waves break from the jetty and charge quickly to shore in a right-hand rolling tunnel formation - delivering the perfect picture opportunity for those watching rather than taking part


Those wanting to discover Portugal’s surfing hotspots can fly with TAP from London Heathrow to Lisbon from just £90 in Economy Class and from London Heathrow to Porto from just £85 in Economy Class. Return fares include all taxes and charges.