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TAP partners with SeatBoost for upgrade auction

TAP partners with SeatBoost for upgrade auction

The latest innovation from TAP Air Portugal means it’s now even easier for passengers to secure an upgrade to business class – if they have the cash.

As of this month, customers can now bid for an upgrade 24 hours before a flight by joining a real-time, live auction on an app developed by SeatBoost – a US software company that makes it easier to bid on more comfortable business class seats up to 60 minutes before departure.

The process is very simple, the airline said in a release.

To get started, customers download the TAP app and the SeatBoost app, both available for free on Android and iOS.

Starting 24 hours before departure, check for an available auction for your flight in the TAP app.


If one is available, tap to bid for an upgrade, which will then forward you to the SeatBoost app where customers can join the excitement of a real auction.

Participants with the highest bids when the auctions close win upgrades based on availability.

The customer only has to pay if they have a winning bid and receive an upgrade, in which case they will be notified and automatically receive new boarding passes.

In addition to this new feature, TAP also allows the purchase of upgrades 24 hours before the flight through Contact Centre and online up to 72 hours before the flight, in cash or miles, available on the booking website.