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Tahiti Specialist Programme launches to agents

Tahiti Specialist Programme launches to agents

Tahiti Tourisme is encouraging agents to sign up to Tahiti Specialist Programme.

The programme is designed to aid the training and development of agents across a growing product base.

It delivers a complete suite of online training and engagement tools ensuring learners gain and retain knowledge in an enjoyable, engaging and more effective way.

Featuring ten interactive lessons, the programme will take users on a journey around the islands of Tahiti and leave them with a thorough understanding of the destination.


Content for the modules includes a brief overview of the islands, experiences and cultural elements, as well practical information such as how to get there and local currency.

Each of the archipelagos will be introduced to give further knowledge of islands outside the well-known Society Islands, and highlight the diversity of experiences on offer.

Designed to excite and engage, the Tahiti Specialist Programme invites members of industry to participate in a rewards style programme that incentivises agents to not just sell the destination, but to immerse themselves in it.

Currently, the programme has a four-tier level system which finishes with the chance to become a Certified Tahiti Specialist.

Image: Tahiti Tourisme