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Swaziland Tourism site leading the way

Swaziland Tourism site leading the way

At the end of last year an amazing 634 million websites were recorded as being live – one of which, and certainly the most important as far as Swaziland is concerned, was this one.

In 2010 was registered on behalf of the Swaziland Tourism Authority. It’s destiny; to become THE source of information for tourists and trade looking to travel to and sell this magnificent country. Two years on, the site provides thousands of visitors with information on Swaziland every month, and provides a wealth of information on the country. With almost 450 unique pages and content from how to get there, to information on over 70 accommodation providers, it’s also recognised by google as being a first class resource.

Our online lives for many are undoubtedly centred around google, whether we like it or not, so one of the main aims of the site was to make sure it was ranked high up on its listings. This enables anyone looking for Swaziland to get to the site quickly and easily. Creating a site that ticks all the right boxes from google’s point of view is no overnight task, and it requires a combination of precise coding, quality construction, and interesting and well produced content. This site is now only third to the likes of the BBC and Wikipedia when searching for ‘Swaziland’; true testament of the site’s quality and value.

A key element to building any great site is its on-going maintenance. It’s important that a website remains fresh and is constantly evolving. In order to ensure this, the last 6 months has seen a large number of changes, additions, and improvements to the site.