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Looking for adventure…try Swaziland

Looking for adventure…try Swaziland

Africa’s smallest nation, Swaziland is renowned for its beauty, fascinating culture and relaxed way of life but is known by few for its wealth of action, activity and adventure. The beautiful landscapes and temperate climate provide a fantastic back-drop to a wide range of leisure activities to suit all tastes; from high adrenalin and not for the faint hearted, to gentler more relaxed pursuits

Canopy Tours

In the Malolotaja Nature Reserve, in the northwest of the country visitors can experience this incredible mountain wilderness terrain from the dizzying heights of treetops. This three to four hour Canopy Tour gives participants a once in a lifetime opportunity to zip through the canopy of the trees down the Sihlotswanegorge, zipping from platform to platform with some lines over 300m long. Being so high offers breath-taking views across the forest from the cliff faces. Safety is of the utmost importance, making the Canopy Tour a fun experience that can be shared by people of all ages!


An innovative way to explore Swaziland from beneath the surface, This two-hour course takes participants through the 800m course of cave systems that has been formed by the Kophola River that flows beneath Msunduza and Kophola mountains. Trained guides lead participants through the narrow passageways 90m below the surface. This experience requires no previous experience, and anyone between the ages of 8 and 65 are welcome to join.


White Water Rafting

This exciting adrenaline pumping activity takes participants through the heart of Swaziland, down the Bulungapoort section of the Usutu River, between Sidvokodvo and Siphofaneni. Participants are separated into two person rafts that will carry them through this beautiful stretch of land, through its clefts and gorges, making it a grade III rafting river. This exciting activity is suited to everybody and has been considered to be Swaziland’s #1 activity for over 20 years.


Tubing takes place on the Ngwempisi River between Khelekhele Lodge and a point below Kopho (Rock) Lodge. It’s a fun and exhilarating activity where participants float downstream, through the rapids of the Ngwempisi, for 5k in large rubber rings. This is a fantastic and fun experience that allows participants an innovative way to see the spectacular remote scenery surrounding the river.

Walks & Treks

Swaziland is the ultimate destination for walking safaris, and has a variety of trails all over the country some more physically challenging than others and with options to suit all levels of fitness. Swaziland’s most renowned hiking destinations include Bulembu, Mahamba, Malolotja, Mlawula,Ngwempisi, Mlilwane, Shewula and Sibebe. The Sibebe Challenge Hike leads to one of Swaziland’s best-known attractions, Sibebe Rock, which is the second largest granite dome in the world. Once conquered participants are rewarded with breath taking views!