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Swaziland gets international representation

Swaziland gets international representation

A major step in the promotion of Swaziland’s tourist industry.

The Tourism Authority of the Royal Kingdom of Swaziland has taken an important step in promoting its tourist industry by appointing the UK-based but globally operating Geo Group & Associates to work with the Authority in marketing the country as a destination of choice to international tourists.

The potential of this small but varied, beautiful and welcoming country to attract tourists has been recognised for many years but it has always been seen in the shadow of its giant neighbour, South Africa. The Swaziland Tourism Authority’s Marketing Manager, Bongani Dlamini, said, ‘Tourists tend to pass though Swaziland on their way to Kruger National Park or en route to Mozambique. They fail to discover the variety and beauty that are Swaziland’s attractions’.

Geo Group will be working closely with the Swaziland Tourism Authority to market tourism to Swaziland in the UK, the rest of Europe and across the globe. They will establish a full time tourism office for Swaziland, supplying information and resources to the travel trade, travel media and members of the public. They will be organising media visits and familiarization trips for the travel trade as well as dealing with public enquiries.

Geo Group has built its reputation over 10 years of successful work marketing Malawi’s tourist industry, which continues to go from strength to strength, and which saw it placed in the top four of marketing operations for all Africa.