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Seychellois working hard with island’s authorities to claim back tourism industry

Seychellois working hard with island’s authorities to claim back  tourism industry

Tourism as an industry is continuously battling to see local populations involve themselves for the long-term consolidation of that volatile industry. The Seychelles government is as aware of such a mission, and the island’s President, James Michel, has personally launched his very own “Seychelles brand” of tourism that seeks to see Seychellois empowered to get involved at all levels in their tourism industry. Seychelles President Michel said, when he launched his tourism vision, that he wanted Seychelles to claim back its tourism industry.

Today, as a result of this declaration, many more Seychellois have entered the tourism industry in these mid-ocean islands that depend almost entirely on tourism for its economy. Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, supported the declaration made by the President of the island republic, saying that this was now a prerequisite for healthy growth and for the long-term consolidation of the island’s tourism industry. Many small entrepreneurs have since ventured into “Chez L’Habitant”-styled accommodation establishments, which offers the Creole feel and ambience of the islands, and they are promoted side by side with the more exclusive resorts that have given the islands the dream holiday name.

The Seychelles has also seen more pride displayed by its population directly employed in the hospitality industry. One such example is Allister Clyah, the only Clefs D’Or accredited Concierge in the Seychelles. Allister is employed at the Raffles Praslin Resort in the Seychelles, and he has been at the resort since its opening a year ago. He remains a clear asset for the island’s tourism industry and relishes the opportunity to spell out the attractions of Praslin island and of the Seychelles. Allister had previously worked at the Lemuria Resort, the property that boasts the spectacular 18-hole golf course on Praslin as well.

Allister Clyah is one tourism personality of the Seychelles who has taken the call made by the island’s President and is working hard to ensure that the Seychellois find their recognition for their hard work and dedication for their country’s main industry that remains the pillar of the island’s economy.