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Seychelles will be on American TV in from October 3 to 9

Seychelles will be on American TV in from October 3 to 9

“Seychelles Tourism” and “Seychelles into 2020” are two television documentaries produced by an independent production company, World Business Report, that will be aired on ABC TV networks in the US in the first week of October, as part of an in-depth look into the tourism and investment opportunities of the island archipelago. ABC is the American Broadcasting Company, one of America’s biggest TV networks!

The programs will air on ABC in Washigton (ABC7) and ABC News Channel 8 in Washington-Virginia-Maryland.

Also they will air on ABC Digital Stations in New York, San Francisco, Los Anglese, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, Raleigh, and Fresno (ABC Livewell).

ABC 7 airs on Channel 7 in Washington, NewsChannel 8 on Channel 8 in Washington, Virginia, and Maryland.ABC digital stations air on cable depending on the state/city.

ABC Digital Livewell NY aires on Channels 687 & 163 in case the viewer has TimeWarner cable system - if the viewer has Comcast it airs on 245-264 & 246 - if the viewer has Cablevision it airs on 729 & 108.


The same applies for the rest of the cities - LA, San Fran., Philadelphia, Chicago, etc.